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Alyssa Taesun Lobit is an intuitive working with electromagnetic energy fields to access healing, through various light work modalities,

including Clear Light healing, tarot reading

and toning, to name a few.

With a deep understanding of sacred geometry, gnostic information, and sacred technologies, Alyssa energetically activates, accelerates and multiplies self-healing in others.

Alyssa is a certified Clear Light practitioner and descends from a matrilineal order of mudang (female shamanic tradition) originating south of the Han River in the Republic of Korea.


A Sister of the Rose, Alyssa’s study of ancient texts and practices, along with current technology and science,

informs her approach to healing.

She understands that we are all healers.

Her goal is to activate this power

within all of us, for the highest

and greatest good of all.

Please reach out to schedule

or if you have any questions.

May you be showered with

Blessings and share your Light

with the confidence

of the Cosmos.


IG: @lobitmoon

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