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Filmmaker. Storyteller. Creator.


ALYSSA LOBIT is an award-winning screenwriter, actress and filmmaker. She was an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinalist with the screenplay THE THINGS WE CARRY. Marking her first starring role in a feature, this drama went on to screen at eighteen festivals, garnering ten awards, including Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Narrative and an Audience Award. One highlight was winning Best Narrative Feature at the Flyway Film Festival, ranked as one of the top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker magazine.

Alyssa showed her wide range by next delivering what has been called an “iconic performance,” writing, producing and starring in the 80s-inspired psychological horror AMONG FRIENDS. This directorial debut of Scream Queen Danielle Harris (Halloween Franchise) was released by Lionsgate US and Anchor Bay Canada after screening at the acclaimed Sitges International Film Festival.

Alyssa made her debut as a director and producer with the comedy ONE MAN'S TRASH, which won the Los Angeles Flickering Image Film Fest and was a finalist in the highly competitive IndieProducer Contest. She is a founding member of the filmmaking collective GAME ON, cutting her teeth producing, editing, writing, acting in and sometimes holding a boom for multiple shorts. She graduated cum laude from U.C.L.A. with a B.A. in English.

 “One of those tough, well-written indie films you can never seem to find at theaters. The film is well-made and rich in emotions, proving yet again that there's plenty of talent outside of the Hollywood system." – San Francisco Chronicle


"The best writing and best lead performance I’ve seen yet, and they both come from the same person, actress and screenwriter Alyssa Lobit. It’s an outstanding drama and feels like a career-making moment for Lobit." – Gainesville Times

“Director Ian McCrudden along with the writer and star of the movie Alyssa Lobit take you on an extraordinary journey filled with revelations, truths and consequences…  Lobit’s understated and nuanced performance was what drove this film. An excellent piece of cinema told in a brutally honest undertone.” – LA Splash Magazine

“I’m not sure I’ll see a narrative film at this year’s Atlanta Film Festival as moving, sincere, or wise as The Things We Carry… A large part of that is due to the strong writing and even stronger acting of Alyssa Lobit.” – Paste Magazine

“An excellent film. It's rare to see a film with such strong emotion that also tells an engaging story at a good pace. The strength of the acting carries both the funny and uncomfortable moments. Alyssa stars in addition to writing, and does both effectively (another rarity)… do yourself the favor of seeing this powerful film.” – Dane 101

“Alyssa Lobit weaves an astonishingly brilliant bloody commentary on the shifting and sometimes fragile state of friendship. Her portrayal of Bernadette will be hailed as a textbook example of how an actress… can unveil a cinematic icon that will be favorably compared to past performances that sometimes far outlive the film that these characters appeared in. Lobit's Bernadette is literally the film's glue that holds all the movie's themes together and it is a testament to Alyssa's fully realized performance that this film ultimately succeeds.” – SF Examiner

“Among Friends is a delicious little concoction of a slasher/thriller… Lobit effectively holds the picture together, terrorizing her dinner guests with serious relish. There’s a… twisted, infectious sense of humor that pervades the entire production. Among Friends is a gruesome, disgustingly funny send-up of the genre, well worth checking out for fans of all things bloody and manic.” – After Ellen

“I quite enjoyed the performance of Alyssa Lobit… pitched to a maniacal exorbitance you can't help but smile at.” – Arrow in the Head


“Bernadette is played with ferocity by Alyssa Lobit. Among Friends… is a sharp psychological horror film." – Fangoria


"The entire ensemble is a joy to watch, with the standouts being Lobit’s turn as an intelligent psycho... See Among Friends ASAP” – Dread Central

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