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 Drama | Feature 

When her drug-addict mother dies, Emmie returns home, traveling through the underbelly of suburbia looking for a package her mother has left behind, reconnecting with her estranged sister, Eve, along the way.


Available on Amazon Prime.

 Writer, Producer 
Pink Sugar
 Psychological Horror | Feature 

A group of friends get together for a murder mystery party, but things take a dark turn when one hijacks the evening and is out for blood.


Available on Amazon Prime, Apple TVYouTube.

 Writer, Producer 
 Comedy | Short TRT: 22 min. 

A mockumentary about yard sales in which a diverse group of yard sale fanatics are interviewed.


Watch the whole hilarious short on YouTube now!

 Writer, Producer, Director 


 Academic Content 

Dynamic graphics and animations allow students to go beyond simple visualization in these videos for USC's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

Hide and Seek
 Branded Promo: Doritos 
 Casting Director, Production Manager 
 Branded Promo: Ghostbusters 
 Casting Director, Production Manager 
 40Hz: Forgotten Future 
 Video Game 
 Writer, Producer 

Ikara and Geko must tag-team their way through the Hertz on a journey to free the Residuals from the Analysts.


Hand-painted watercolor visuals bring the surreal to life in this adventure-fantasy platformer that will stimulate you at 40Hz, where lucid dreaming lives and robot brains become aware.


Greenlit on Steam.

"Alyssa is a profoundly talented producer. Her tenacity, professionalism, and creativity are unmatched. Her wealth of both editorial and management experience would be a welcome addition to any media/television team."

Renee Beck, Content Production/Operations Executive

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